What You Should Expect from Your AV Hire Company

There’s nothing worse when planning an event than realising at the last minute that something is amiss. Whether it’s a piece of equipment not functioning as expected or a complete oversight of equipment needs or the company that you hired being unable to deliver on time.

At Hybrid AV, we have the experience (over 35 years, to be precise) to know exactly what our client expectations are when it comes to a professional equipment hire service. So without further ado, these are the things you should come to expect from an AV hire company.

Open communication and a reliable response

It shouldn’t feel like a chore to contact your AV company when organising your event, especially if you have an urgent query. If the company you hired isn’t responding to you within (at the very most) 24 hours then this should set alarm bells ringing. After all, if there is a last-minute issue that needs addressing there and then waiting for a response is not an option.

Professional & honest advice from knowledgeable staff

It’s true that the technical specifications of a lot of audiovisual equipment are a bit of a mine-field. Your AV company should be on hand to offer you expert advice on each item of equipment that you hire. They should also be able to advise you on the kind of equipment that you need for your event based on the size of the venue etc.

You should also expect an honest approach from your AV company, for example, if your event doesn’t require the extra low-end of an additional subwoofer, they should make it clear. Not only does it help reduce additional costs for the client, but it’s decent and honest practice and the mark of a company that cares.

Punctuality when it comes to delivery

This should be a fairly obvious expectation from a customer standpoint. Making sure that your equipment is delivered an set up correctly and on time should be bread and butter to any AV company. After all, it’s not good if the equipment you need turns up too late to set up. Load-in and load-outs at venues can be on a tight schedule, so it is imperative that the company you hire shows the professional standard courtesy and shows up on time or early!


Ultimately the best measure of an AV company is the way in which it conducts itself. Despite the ability to build a close working relationship with a trusted AV company, professionalism counts for a lot. As a customer, you should expect clear and succinct communication and always in a professional manner.

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