The Event: 

Early November 2023 saw Hybrid Av tasked with completing an installation in the new events space at Leicester Tigers Mattioli Woods Stadium.

What we did: 

The Chairman’s Lounge underwent a comprehensive overhaul with the incorporation of advanced audio visual equipment from Hybrid AV including:

4 x Zenith 150Watt Speakers: These speakers are likely strategically placed to provide high-quality audio for a range of events, including meetings, parties, match day Q&A sessions, and live sports in the Chairman’s Lounge.

Microphones: 2 x Trantec 2.4g Wireless Handheld Mics: These wireless microphones ensure clear and reliable audio during presentations, speeches, or Q&A sessions.   A Samsung 65” LED TV and Panasonic PT-MZ680BEJ Projector, a powerful and high-resolution projector with 6000 ANSI Lumens, Laser technology, and WUXGA resolution, enhancing the viewing experience for lounge occupants, providing high-quality displays for presentations, live sports, and other visual content.

Electric 2m Projection Screen: The electric projection screen provides a clear and visible surface for presentations or other visual content, complementing the capabilities of the projector.  HDMI Connection for Laptop: The HDMI connection allows delegates to connect their laptops seamlessly, facilitating presentations and ensuring a smooth sharing of content.  Remote IR Module: The inclusion of a remote IR module simplifies the control of the projection screen and projector, allowing for easy on/off functionality. This feature enhances overall AV control within the Chairman’s Lounge.

Additional Integration saw us linking to existing Samsung LED TVs: The setup includes two existing Samsung LED TVs, ensuring that the same content can be displayed consistently throughout the Chairman’s Lounge. This creates a cohesive and synchronized viewing experience.

Overall, the installation of these audio visual components enhances the Chairman’s Lounge, providing a state-of-the-art environment for meetings, parties, Q&A sessions, and live sports events, along with facilitating seamless presentations and content sharing.

What they said: 

Hybrid AV were exceptional in carrying out the work that went alongside the launch of the Chairman’s Lounge. From inception to completion, their team exhibited unparalleled professionalism and technical expertise, delivering a cutting-edge audio visual experience that surpassed our expectations.

Hybrid AV seamlessly integrated top-tier audio systems, high-resolution displays, and intuitive controls, elevating the lounge’s ambiance and functionality. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and responsive communication made the entire process a pleasure. We highly recommend Hybrid AV for any audio visual project, confident that their innovative solutions and unwavering dedication will continue to set new standards in the industry.

General Manager, Levy Leicester Tigers 

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