The Event: 

This event marks one of the highlights on Hybrid AV’s calendar! The prestigious Champagne Suite at the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith, London, is exclusively reserved for a full day’s conference focusing on risk, security, and management across various sectors of the retail industry. The conference includes an exhibition area with 65+ stands, bespoke round table areas complete with a round centre stage for pitches and a new Risk Factor Live stage area for podcasts and interview recordings, all running concurrently throughout the day. 

Following the conference, the room is transformed into a glamorous gala evening event. This year’s festivities featured live entertainment with comedian Simon Brodkin, after which guests danced the night away with ‘The Kitts’.” 

What we did: 

This event is the culmination of months of meticulous planning and truly embodies a team effort! 

For the main stage, we provided a stunning 6m x 3m LED Video Wall, complemented by a Full Martin Audio System and our Roland V600 UHD. Our lighting setup included Lanta Fireball LED slim line pars, Elumen8 Evora 1000 BSW Moving Lights, LEDJ Artisan 2000 Fresnel Dual White lights, and our Laserworld CS-1000 RGB MK3, all attached to an 8m goalpost truss with 2m legs, flown from the ceiling. 

In the reception area, two 2m x 2m 2.6mm Video Walls displayed event information and sponsors adverts, while 2 55” TV screens in the exhibition area showcased agenda information. We also constructed a 2.5m x 2.5m 2.6mm Video Wall for one of the exhibitors and provided 8 LED TV screens ranging from 32” to 65” to various exhibitors to highlight their products. 

Our team built a presenter’s green room using pipe and drape and next to it was a VIP lounge area for networking and meetings throughout the day, hosted by one of our experienced event managers.  

As the conference and exhibition concluded, our team swiftly transformed the suite within 2 hours for the Gala Dinner and evening entertainment.  Two Barco G60-W10 10,000 lumen projectors were ceiling installed to utilise the venues own wall mounted screens and add extra visibility for the evening event as well as additional lighting for a party atmosphere.   The team also created a white draped VIP Bar area furnished with white leather furniture, tables, and our LEDJ Rapid Uplighters. 

The extraordinary efforts of our entire team ensured that every aspect of the event, from start to finish, exceeded our client’s expectations!” 


What they said: 

Isn’t it great when everything goes right!  

But it is only when things go awry that you find out what people are really made of. And having got it perfectly right for the last 10 years, this year, at our biggest event – a relaunch no less – Hybrid, were really put to the test. 

Through no fault of theirs, ours or apparently anyone living or dead (according to the venue!), the previous conference overran. Our bump in was badly delayed with the result that Hybrid were left a totally insufficient amount of time to build and deliver our brand new, complex, relaunched conference plus staging for a dinner for 600 guests with very, very expensive comedian and band. 

When any sane person would have thrown up their hands in horror and started pruning the offering, Hybrid showed their grit and determination. Over the 72 hour period I don’t think any of the team, led by the indomitable Tara Bailiss, got more than 3 hours sleep. I did notice a very high supplemental charge for Red Bull from the hotel mini bars, but even my parsimonious inner accountant did not care…  

Hybrid did the impossible, delivered everything that was planned and made it look easy. In fact, I only became aware of the serios challenges and problems they had encountered and successfully overcome well after the event was over.  

And when I found out that they had uncomplainingly taken a financial hit to deliver, I insisted that we got the opportunity to make that good. I asked for the bill. They did not offer it! 

Lots of people will offer you low prices for ostensibly high performance, repeating their promises of excellence over and over again. The difference with Hybrid is they don’t just talk the talk. I’ve seen first-hand that they walk the walk too. 


See you next year guys!   


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