The Event:

The Meetings Show is the UK’s premier event, bringing together event planners DMCs, hotels and venues as well as technology companies. Literally, thousands of representatives pass through its doors each year to meet and to network.

2019s event saw our client Imago Venues present and B-Audio Visual was on hand to provide them with our expertise in the audiovisual field.

What We Did

Imago Venues have always had a traditional print stand built for Exhibitions but for the first time in 2019 they decided to upgrade their usual stand to include a LED Video Wall. They contacted Hybrid AV and we readily accepted to meet with them to discuss their requirements.

During the meeting, they asked us for a quote on the entire finished stand build, so working alongside our stand builder we produced a visual drawing of the proposed stand set. The client accepted the quote and visual, with them also providing their own visuals for the event; Hybrid AV provided everything else from the stand build, to the furniture and the  5m x 2.5m LED Video Wall.

We invited Imago to our warehouse where we had set up the exact size of LED video wall that we planned to use, where we displayed their visuals so that they could see exactly what they were going to receive in their stand. This allowed them to get a real feel for the product, having never used a video wall before. It also ensured that they could also see their graphics as they would appear on the day and finalise any tweaks.

Back to the stand, we worked closely with Imago and the Olympia venue alongside our stand builder to ensure that all H&S documents were supplied and correct, as safety is something we take very seriously.

The results the client saw on the day paid dividends and they were very grateful or all the hard work that the Hybrid AV team put in, in the run-up to the event.

What They Said

“Hybrid AV went above and beyond when it came to the design and the set up of the stand. Having everything laid out in front of us so we could see the finished article before the event allowed us to really see the impact that the display would have… and it certainly had plenty! I would thoroughly recommend the Hybrid AV visual team, they were an absolute pleasure to work with and local too! The results they delivered on the day really added emphasis on our business and gave us the brand gravitas we were looking for.”

Rob Chamberlain
Marketing Manager, Imago Venues

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