Organising an event needs to have a detailed management process that includes creating an engaging atmosphere for your speakers as well as your audience.

Making sure all obstacles are completed as smoothly as possible can seem like an impossible task, especially making sure that your audience is completed engaged and not falling asleep on their seats!

You want to make an impact – who wouldn’t!

One key way to create an impact on your audience at your next event is to hire a LED video wall. With this technology, which used to be extremely expensive and only set for off the scale budgets are now more affordable – still serving the professional and engaging impact as ever.

With more companies saying yes to improving their exhibitions, conferences, fundraisers etc the popularity of LED video walls has flourished, making events more professional and intriguing to the eyes and ears of your audience.

 A picture can only say so much, video can tell all.

As a company, you engage with many visitors and guests, right?

Think about your presence at an event and how you communicate visually with them. Whether you are at a conference giving core information to your audience or presenting someone on stage, or even holding a charity event to remind your audience of the importance of giving – by hiring a LED video wall, you will be able to present your views and thoughts visually, making the experience eye-catching, entertaining, educate and persuade your audience to get involved with your speech.

Is your sound system in check?

Remember, it isn’t just about the visual aid, it’s also about the sounds you will produce along with your LED visual wall. You can hire a PA and audio assistance to suit both the environment of your event as well as the subject at hand with your visuals.

 By incorporating professional speakers, as well as the use of microphones and combine these elements with your LED visual wall – you make the perfect combination of style, professionalism and enticement.

Customisation is key

 One of the key beauties of hiring an LED visual wall is that you can customise settings and overall experience to your requirements.

 You can decide the shape and size of visual aid you require for your purpose and because there are many options such as the curved video wall and even an outdoor video wall, your audience will be engaged with your visuals as well as your words.

Customisation of visual walls and features allows you to go one step further than your competitors, creating an example of style and expectations.

Easy to use, easy to install – If you know how!

A LED video wall is quite large so hiring a professional team will guarantee that there are no disappointing events occurring at your event in terms of sound and visuals.

With high-resolution screens comes quality images and even with bright light within your room or outdoors, the picture quality will continue to impact your audience, no matter what distance they currently have between the screen and themselves.

Want to know one of the best reasons for hiring an enticing LED video wall is that all of the technical sides of your event will be in great professional hands.

Here at Hybrid AV, from the start of a project, right through to the end, our experienced project managers will work closely with you to decide the arrangement of the LED video wall that will create the most impact on your audience.

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