From live sporting events being broadcast down at your local bar, to outdoor events catering for thousands of people, and everything in between the use of LED video walls has increased as people realise the potential they have as a creative medium. Both energy-efficient and featuring crystal clear picture quality, LED screens can give you a real edge when it comes to engaging your audience.

With that said, choosing the right video wall for your event can be tricky, as there is the potential to end up getting lost in technicalities. To help aid you in making the correct rental choice, Hybrid AV thought we’d compile this handy guide to assist you through the rental process.

How large is your event?

One of the first things to consider before looking at any technical specifications is to determine the size of your event. It stands to reason that the smaller the event the less need there will be for large screen size. For instance, If you’re hosting a wedding with 50 or so guests, you’re going to need a smaller screen than you would, say at an outdoor music festival, where you’re more than likely going to require a jumbotron sized screen as thousands of people will need easy viewing of the stage.

Make sure your video wall is designed for outdoor use:

As well as determining the size of your event, where your event will be held is also a key consideration to take into account. Hiring an LED wall that is suited to indoor conditions (and therefore not weatherproof) and placing it outdoors might not be the best solution in the unpredictable British weather!

Selecting the right pixel pitch:

Following on directly from size and location, pixel pitch is another key specification to factor into your choice of screen. Pixel pitch dictates how the picture on the screen will appear to members of the audience depending on their viewing distance. Pixel pitch is calculated by measuring the millimetres between two pixels. The general rule is the larger the screen and the further the distance from the audience, the higher the pixel pitch you will need. Lower pitches are more suited to smaller events and viewing distances.

Consider the placement of your screen:

Are your screens going to need to be mounted to a movable platform or are they going to be fixed in place? For example, a large outdoor cinema event will more than likely require a large fixed flat screen, whereas a fashion event featuring a pronounced catwalk that juts out into the crowd area might benefit from a curved video wall, that allows your audience a clear view from all angles.

Work with professionals to get the most out of your screen rental:

At Hybrid AV, we have a wealth of technical expertise to help you achieve the most from your outdoor event. We stock a range of products ideal for adding a dynamic visual experience for your audience.

With over 35 years of experience in the audio-visual field, Hybrid AV can give you the right professional advice, equipment and installation to make your event a success. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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