A fashion show can take several weeks, sometimes even months of planning, when staging such an event you need to be committed, co-ordinated and exceptionally organised there is a lot of thought needed in making a fashion show as they need to be creative, head turning and ultimately aesthetically pleasing to stand out from the crowd. as an event planner you are re-creating the designer’s vision and successfully achieve this you need to include several factors to create a show stopper.


Know the industry

Fashion shows have come far from humble walk shows in the 1900s, they are now known to be excessively creative with each designer hoping to make their show memorable in fashion history.

The early decisions are made amongst the designers for models, collections, special guests, etc the decision you need to be involved in is executing the designer’s theme.

A fashion show is a designers vision in where their collections will flourish, in the last 20 years “themes” have become more dominant with the audience than collections. shows can take no longer than 10 minutes and within that time you need to take the audience to another world.


The Production and Venue

This is an essential part of planning a fashion show, many designers want more than just a stage and spotlights. Fashion shows now tend to highlight societies image in 1982 Vivienne Westwood “rebellious savage” spring collection was a reflection on corrupt politicians and public affairs, the production of the show was eccentric with coloured erratic lighting, images of riots and loud rebellious music were broadcast to the audience.  

Now with us almost entering 2020 technology and video is everywhere, and event planners are using this to their advantage. What holds the audience’s attention nowadays is exciting audio and visuals. For this, to accompany a fashion show you may need to look into a video wall, strobe lighting, spotlight lighting, sound bars, and audio systems.

Of course, none of all the above would work without a suitable venue to host your runway, venues can be as small as a studio apartment or the great wall of China. It all depends on the size of the production and the audience attending. If you were to hire audio and visual equipment you would need a venue suitable to host your event.

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