The two pieces of gear that always gets technical directors into conundrums is choosing between LED video walls and projection displays. The media industry is always evolving into the new generation of visual experiences and it’s becoming more important to create engaging multi-media presentations.

As we are all aware, videos have become the new craze for consumers to absorb information as they create the ‘wow factor’ to entertain and engage any type of audience, in any given space.

But there are various different methods of displaying videos, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

So which is better?

Ultimately, it all depends on the type of atmosphere you are trying to create for your audience.


If you are organising a small event with a few number of people, then projection displays are best, as they create a softer look and are usually inexpensive to hire and set up.

LED Video Wall

However, if you are planning to create stunning visuals for your audience then LED video wall is the way forward.

They are becoming the new standard for video display and offer an attractive option for displaying information in various settings such as store signage, billboards, stage shows and many more.

LED video displays are perfect for showcasing a richer quality video in comparison to projections. And it’s the brightness of LED panels that makes them the top choice for visual technicians.

One of the key drawbacks to projectors is their ability to display crisp and clear images. A lot of brightness and visibility is lost during the transmission process; therefore the overall experience is compromised.

This is where LED displays excel, with a high resolution and noise-free design the LED video is the perfect tool for showcasing live events, product launches and exhibitions.

What’s the difference?



  • A cheaper method compared to LED
  • Easier on the eye


  • A lot of space is needed to set up the projector and screen
  • Difficult to move around once set up
  • Ambient light drastically affects the viewability of the image or video
  • Restricted to area space

LED Video Wall


  • No ambient light considerations. LED wall can be displayed in all types of environments
  • LED wall is inches thin which means it can be easily moved into small spaces
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Can be costly to set up

Our recommendation…

Overall it is quite safe to say the LED video wall is the clear winner. With its excellent deliverability of unsurpassed image quality, video walls are the today and tomorrow of multimedia presentations.

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