Outdoor events are our speciality and taking your event outside, especially over the warmer months can create a whole new experience for your potential customers.

But what are your options in terms of outdoor audiovisual hire? Where do you start?

What are the benefits?

Lucky for you – we have the answers. 

In order to organise an outdoor event, you first need to establish what type of event you wish to host and the type of equipment you will need for your special event. 

Over the years, Hybrid AV has provided AV hire and support to many outdoor events. Check out our recommendations below for the most popular events we help organise:

Live sporting event: 

There is nothing better than experiencing your favourite sport on the big screen, whether it’s the Premier League or the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

Here at Hybrid AV, we have experience in providing professional outdoor AV solutions. Our outdoor PA system and LED screen hire has always been a popular choice amongst our clients over the years and is increasingly in demand during Spring/Summer especially when live sporting events are involved.

This form of event has many benefits and by hiring a professional team, you can be safe in the knowledge that all equipment is of the highest rating and you will be able to create a unique outdoor experience for your customers in the beautiful sunshine!

Find out what sporting events are happening in Leicester for inspiration for your next event right here.

Outdoor cinema experience: 

The outdoor cinema experience has continued to increase in popularity and has been around since 1916!

Our outdoor cinema experiences aren’t just made for blockbusters, they make the perfect alternative for corporate events too! Think ‘outside the box’ and show your presentation on the big screen, incorporating professional PA systems for the ultimate wow factor.

Knowing that or British weather is temperamental, we can provide you with a 100% weatherproof solution by providing you with our LED walls. With important elements such as HD quality and glare-free screens, they make the perfect solution to your outdoor cinema experience, allowing your customers to experience the magic of film (or your latest commercial showreel) – without any complaints of missing the big screen action!

Our experienced technicians will be there to install and test the screen with your content to ensure that there are no technical issues on the day.


When we think of warmer days, music events are definitely at the top of the list and what better way to experience the power of music than the outdoors! 

Entice and create engagement with your attendees by incorporating the use of powerful AV technology to make an impact. 

We provide a whole package for your outdoor music event by setting up your stage, as well as preparing and setting up the lighting and sound system. 

Why choose us

We are the leading presentation experts, who specialise in an array of services, guaranteeing to make your event not only successful but memorable.

With over 35 years of experience, we have a wide range of clients – check out our gallery for inspiration! 

For more information, why not contact our team of specialists today who would be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to your upcoming event.

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