With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to get your party boots on and start celebrating. However, if you’re planning on running an end of year event then you’ll need to consider your audio-visual equipment and set up.

In order for things to run as smoothly as possible, Hybrid AV have compiled this handy guide, helping your event to be a success. 

Find out about your venue

Every venue is different, so it stands to reason that each one will look different and sound different even if the content you’re putting through the system is identical. 

Finding out the acoustics in the chosen venue is key for both selecting the right sound equipment and for getting the best out of it on the night, which may require a bit of trial and error. 

The same goes for visuals as the lighting difference between venues can ultimately determine the positioning of your video wall, which in turn will determine the model and size that you need.

Once you’ve found out all you can possibly learn about your chosen venue then getting the right AV gear should be a lot easier.

It’s all in the timing

Comedy without timing falls flat! The same goes for live events. If the timing is off then everything tends to fall out of sync and the overall impact is lessened.

Allow yourself plenty of time to set-up as this will help with sorting out those inevitable teething issues that always seem to crop up on the night. Having a contingency plan in case you encounter any problems that can’t be solved on the night is always advisable.

Communication is key

Your plan can be watertight, but if you don’t communicate that plan effectively it can still end up in disaster! 

Pre-planning is imperative so that all departments have a clear idea as to how events will unfold on the night. But aside from everyone already knowing their positions and roles before the doors open.

Communication on the night is key so that everyone can adapt to changes in the plan if needs be. This means that departments need to talk to each other and keep everyone updated on potential issues so that it doesn’t have a knock-on effect further down the line.

Hire a professional AV team

Hiring and operating AV equipment correctly can be a huge challenge, especially if you’ve not had a lot of experience with the technology involved yourself.

If you have any doubt then Hybrid AV have an expert team on hand to help you install and operate your AV hired equipment so you can get the most out of your event. Contact us today for more information.

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